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Campfire Donate

Support additionally the development and development of the bot by donating any amount using the services below.

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Donations FAQ

Why donations are needed?

To ensure high-quality, fast and uninterrupted operation of the bot, we need to pay for server capacities from high-quality hosting providers, in addition, donations also help us in development, and it will just be a pleasure for the development team to receive a reward for their hard work!

Currencies and services for donation

You can send us a donation through one of the services offered above. If you are a resident of Ukraine or own a card of a Ukrainian bank and want to send a donation in hryvnia (UAH) - choose Donatello. For any other countries, choose Patreon or BuyMeACoffee. In these services, you can set up a monthly charge to support us and you will also get access to sponsor bonuses from us!

Is payment secure?

Yes. We do not have access to the data of your bank cards, PayPal accounts or other services. Payment is made through secure and certified payment processors and is subject to the terms and conditions of the service on which you donate.

We thank everyone who decides to support us and further development of the project!