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Multifunctional bot for your Discord guild.


Customize the bot as your server needs using the web settings panel (dashboard). Flexible configuration of any bot functions in a beautiful and convenient interface from any device!
Campfire web dashboard Illustration
Campfire moderation tools Illustration

Powerful moderation tools

Campfire has many tools for moderating your guild that are very easy to use.

Blacklist Integration

Campfire has integration with the EYERCORD Blacklist service and can automatically block users from the service's database. Blacklist is a database of crashers, raiders, spammers, scammers and other users who violate the rules of Discord and other communities.
Campfire Blacklist Integration Illustration
Campfire level system Illustration

Member Level System

Campfire has a leveling system for your guild members that will give users the motivation to chat on the server to level up.